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Forex trading system software can be expensive, worthless and can cost you a lot of money. Before we get into forex trading system software, let’s discuss the basics of forex trading.

Forex is short for foreign exchange market. Forex is an investment wheel which deals with the authorized exchange of one currency for another form of currency. Brokers are required to keep track of all forex transactions that involve an exchange of currency. It doesn’t matter of the customer uses a check, a investment, or a bank exchanging currency.Accredited brokers track all legal currency transactions that occur on the exchange.

Many currency exchanges are happening everyday illegal and legal. Still, it is only considered legal when recognized by the CFTC which is an acronym for Commodities Future Trade Commission. Many unadvised exchanges that take place exist outside the forex trading legality, typically consist of single investor trades. Even though an unadvisable method, it happens everyday around the clock for many many reasons.

Let’s go over one of the foreign currency exchange market differences. The Forex is an investing market but it differs from the stock market in many ways. Forex trading is a huge, international trade market, and it is effected more than stock trading. Which means, if the stock market is doing horrible like it has been lately, the forex market will not be affected by this. They do not work hand and hand. There is definitely more money to be earned in the Forex market as opposed to the stock market. It is the largest market in the world which see’s more than 3 TRILLION dollars in trades per day! Most of the trillions of dollars though are coming from large financial institutions such as large corporations or banks, single investors make up a small amount of the trade market.

The forex has a huge advantage over the stock exchange because it is not regulated heavily like the stock exchange. There may be a few huge accredited financial institutions monitoring the forex market. Which means since there is no regulation, there is no telling how much money you can earn easily! You need to jump right into the system before it gets regulated and earn all your money while you can before it is to late.

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